About Us

 ACY Automation Inc. is professionally engaged in the End Of Arm Tooling modules and components. In order to optimize customers’ production, ACY build a complete EOAT, including standard components and modules from a wide choice and showing how all the different components and modules connect together make customers’ EOAT project better.  ACY current major products focus on automation industry such as EOAT modules, Quick Change System, Profile-frame, Connectors, Channel Nuts, Mounting Clamps, Vacuum Cups & Vacuum Cup Connectors, Holders, Holder Brackets, Suspensions, Gripper Mounting Arms, Sprue, Finger Grippers, Gripper Sensors, Sensor Brackets, Air Nippers, Push-In Air Fittings, Manifold Blocks, Hose Fittings and Center Pins, ETC. By providing several thousand components/tools, ACY has helped his customers/end users improved their productivity and working environments successfully. If you have any vision or demand in automation or robotics world, ACY would be your best choose.